Seasons and P2P.

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Been testing for the last few days.
Various things like testing my connection without a vpn and with via pingplotter to the EA server and other servers to try to get to the bottom of issues in game.

1st noticeable thing i saw was fewer hops it took to get to the EA server via the vpn.
1st day i saw 13 hops.
Didnt check monday but yesterday it was 11 hops.

Gameplay was terrible on monday without the vpn
but with it it seemed equal and differences in things like turning, sprinting ,reactions , switching etc.
same at nightwith the vpn.
pingplotter in the afternoon showed a stable route...ddint check in the evenng.

tuesday tried without the vpn during the afternoon.
horrible again.
tried with the vpn and once again horrible.
checked pingplotter and noticed packet loss on both with and without the vpn...variable ping on the EA server...some spikes were hitting close to 1000ms!!!!!!
gave up till about 11 last night then tried it again with the vpn.
had laptop next to me turning the wifi off when i was playing.
without vpn ping times were over 200ms to EA and 140 with the vpn.
no packet loss on the vpn but some on my isp's network.

game played well.
had some cracking games.

no slow down
players turning normally rather than like sherman tanks.
being able to time things like controlling the ball

will report back.

put your stories in here regarding such issues.
maybe there is hope for the disadvanatged?


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