4-3-3 users in here

Joe Hartless
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I need some opinions on the standard 4-3-3 formation. Usually in FIFA I have used a 433-2 or 5 variation but in order for them to work and to fit all the players that I want to use in the team, I need to use the default 433. Are there any specific types of midfielders in particular that you would use over others? Atm I'm debating a trio of Thiago/Fabregas/Gundogan. Normally I like using a pure CDM but I'm finding more and more that it is becoming a liability in attack since I struggle to score goals. Thoughts on the formation and the personnel?


  • Pogba
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    I try to go with a CCM that has med/med or med/high in the flat 433 preferably med/med outside can honestly be whatever but better to have at least one guy with high/high on the outside
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