[OPINIONS PLEASE] Is this a penalty?

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I need some neutral opinions about a penalty decision happened today in my domestic league

So, You are the referee, blue team is in attack, this happens...do you give penalty? yellow card for diving? nothing?




  • Max_Mania
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    No penalty, but no dive either. Standard contact and looks like he's slipping.
  • Deni323
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  • Mart
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    No penalty, no dive. Sovsic tried to get to the ball but he was off balance so he caught the defender.

    But this is Dinamo Zagreb we're on about, so...
  • Ash
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    Zagred are dirty cheats anyway, the ref is probably in the pocket
  • Rumplefish
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    I think it's 50/50. The defender used his hand to push down the attacker, and afterwards their legs tangled and he fell. I'd probably would call for a foul but that's because I believe penalties should only be called for 100% fouls and denying a clear scoring chance
  • Jenko
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    Absolute stonewaller. Clumsy defending so I wouldn't book him, but it's a blatant penalty.
  • Boabdust
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    No penalty no dive
  • Boabdust
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    No penalty no dive
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