Long Shot guide to those who still doesn't know about it.

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Making this thread since I haven't seen any pro fifa youtuber reveal the exploit yet.

The finesse shot from the corner of the 16m is a nice exploit and all, but I think this one
might be even better.. and also the one we are whining about (which we should be).

How to do it:

If your longshotter is right footed and your running towards right of the screen towards your opponent, run from the middle of the pitch and then down 35 degrees until you reach the corner of the box/16meter and DON'T TURN the player, just keep him at that angle and then fire a shot with 2,5bar - 3bars or to the far side of the goal.

Every other longshot fails, but this one is like 50% of success and sometimes even more it feels.

Note to EA: Get rid of shooting-sweetspots, it's the reason good football players get their butts handed to exploit players.
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