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How to win Div 1 in FUT (Guide)

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So guys,

You really want to win Div 1? Have no fun at all? Be like everyone in FUT?
This is your chance. I'll describe step to step how to win div 1.

1. Buy fifa points and open packs to gain coins.
2. Build this squad:
You can change players if you want, but you need pace.
3. Put player instructions:
LB/RB: Stay back
CM's: Stay back
CAM: Stay forward, free roam
ST: Press backline, get in behind
LW/RW: Stay forward, get in behind, cut inside
4. Just use the standard High pressure tactic on the d-pad
5. If you are still not winning use ultra attacking

Done. I guarantee you'll win div 1 if you play like this.

ps: If you don't have the coins for a squad like this, just swap the expensive players with other high pace players.


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