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50k/100k packs

380 posts Sunday League Hero
Hi. Any ideas when the next set of 50k/100k Rare Gold Players packs will come back? 12 or 24 Rare Gold players only. I missed the sale minutes ago because I couldn't get my Fifa points to show in the app. Thanks.


  • Fifan100k1
    164 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    I don't think there will be any more today, maybe when they do fut united again possibly sometime this week?
  • RWU
    2978 posts National Call-Up
    Be thankful u saved money.. Gotten a pack and best I got is Falcao again.. I quick sold it
  • SpacedoodLFC
    380 posts Sunday League Hero
    Dang, seems to alway be a gamble but at least those 12 gold rare/24 good rare packs offer some hope. Maybe it's better I couldn't get it done until FUT United anyways.
  • Asad97
    2230 posts Fans' Favourite
    Event is almost over, maybe for next event now:(
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