Fifa is like Tetris

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Fifa is like Tetris, cuz now I have had the same kind of dream
about Fifa like I had bout Tetris when I was a decent player.

The kind of dream where you dream about a match and you're imagining
how you would navigate and solve every kind of scenario and situation.
What skill move you would do when your player is positioned like this and that
or how you would perform some clever defensive move when your opponent is sweating.

Just had a dream like that, and only remember that it ended with Ibra receiving the ball
while shielding the last defender then doing that OP scoop turn fake shot to get a Clear shot
then finesse shot it into the corner (which is the best way to score, just followed by zigzagging from the corner flag towards goal...).

Obviously played too much Fifa I guess.

Anybody having degenerate dream like this? :)


  • hitmanct13
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    My controller has nightmares like that. Nothing like a game coming down to whether you can defend the striker who has his back turned at the top of the box.
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