Who should I replace?

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edited February 2016
1st team 3 man cms
Gotze, thiago and gustavo

Modric rakatic kroos
Basically who should I change and for whom


  • WHU18
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    Was thinking vidal for Gotze and iniesta for rak?
  • Uncle Remus
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    Lahm, Gotze, Vidal is a stellar CM, use Gustavo or Gundogan if you want a little more defense.

    Modric and Iniesta are a must as CMs IMO, Modric being the best and most versatile. Kroos has one hell of a long shot and has great passing, but he is CLUNKY omg. Again, depends on what formation you have and who is on your back line, lots of options if you want to think more offensively (James or Isco) or defensively (Krychowiak, Perez)
  • Onedoesntsimply
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    Vidal is the best CM on the game. Muller is also pretty good at CM for me.
  • The Shadow Knight
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    Vidal for Gotze and Iniesta for Kroos or fit in krychowiak for defensive ness

    James for Rak
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