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PRO CLUBS in E-Sport (FIFA 17? )

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As i said in general discus EA want to be part of e-sport community.
This is a good chance to push PRO CLUBS forword.

Small changes like spectator mode or bench in game will be a massive change for US.

Pro clubs can be one of the best e-sport game mode ever.

You can help us and sigh petition to EA.


  • kYnTso
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    Im pretty sure that the main focus is on 1v1. The same thing they had in the game for a while where u picked a team and had some time to work ur way up the leaderboard. I believe it was under season maybe and competitions.
    In general it would be awesome but first they have to make a decent pro clubs mode.
  • Lillo86
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    Pro Club + Full manual control = potentially the most exiting eSport game.

    Plus, it could be the smartest way to increase Pro Club popularity and encourage playing on Full Manual.
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