Pro clubs accomplishments frozen

I have been told to post this by tech support from EA. my pro accomplishments unlock during the game which then fail so save when the game concludes leaving me to keep unlocking the same accomplishments again again and again with no progression for my pro. My friends have all pulled away whilst my pro lags behind leaving me with no stamina or traits. I would even accept a full reset of my pro just so I can progress again. It's really annoying for no game to even count. Please fix asap


  • From reading posts, I have come to the conclusion it seems to be being caused by playing offline be a pro and online pro clubs. Your offline be a pro seems to be rewarded with loads of accomplishments from your online be a pro and then that seems to be causing the glitch where progression is halted in pro clubs.
  • Mine just gives me the achievements in the game and doesn't let me have them after so can't level up and keeps happening all the time and I don't have an offline pro.
  • Same here mate, I can unlock them whilst playing, I check it says I definitely have unlocked them. After the game ends they all vanish again. And ok I guess there is multiple causes. Typical. So annoying!
  • Mine is now working

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