It is fair EA?

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Hello. I think Ea do nothing with cheaters. One month ago I upload here a video with cheaters. What EA made? They deleted my post for no reason. Yesterday we had a match in pro clubs in DIV 1 vs some "red head" players. And what we saw? We are playing against this same cheater that we upload movie about... 1 month later.. EA where are you going?

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    I quess u havent bothered urself with reading the forum rules. Anyway cheating in Pro Clubs is unofficially ok this year. "Reset" bug and "accomplishments not saving" bug cant be fixed so i quess they sayd ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it when it comes to cheating in pro clubs this year.
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    He is just saying that because he is hacked himself, just because your pro got reset doesn't give you the right to hack. Just build your pro up again!
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    Almost went cheating because I couldn't get that Power-FK trait that I wanted, but after some time I got that accomplishment without trying and it made me a bit better I think. Glad that I didn't cheat.
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