Clement Grenier = Hidden Gem ??

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edited January 2016
Someone else using this guy, i would highly recommend him !!

Haven't Think about him before i packed him on my Tongo Doumbia R2G = 1st owner account !!

This guy is one of The Best cam's i have used, very very good passing and vision, he is so often at The right place at The right time !!

IF The keeper makes a save but Can't hold The Ball, he is there for The rebound again and again !!

He has some amazing playmaker stats, decent dribbling and a very good longshot and freekick !!

Also happy with he's 5* WF and 4* skills !!

So If u Need a cheap cam france or ligue 1, give him a try !! Dont be scared of he's 59 pace, he feels a little faster


  • djrexdk
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    Here's the team, just won the div 4.

    So im on my way to the hell of pace in the higher divisions.

    But it performs very well, those front 3 is very good !!!

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