Need help scoring goals

Joe Hartless
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Since I switched to the XB1 at Christmas I've had quite a bit of trouble consistently scoring goals. Luckily I am an above average defender IMO so I keep a lot of clean sheets, but for example my last 4 games have been 1-0 and three 0-0 draws. (And the goal I scored was a pen.)

I prefer to play possession but find myself having to cross a lot because I just find the middle so congested all the time. My two teams are 433(2) and 5212. Any specific formations that you guys find are good for attacking football (and have minimum 3 central players CDM/CM/CAM)?

Also, any midfielder/attacker under 25k that you would recommend me trying?


  • Futukboro
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    Personally the 2 formations I use are false 9 and 4231 false 9 won me div 1 but suppose it depends on ur budget I run 4231 as my fitness and use payet as cam he's amazing for the price tag !
  • Recardo
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    both your formations are pretty defensive.

    try 433(4) as it uses a cam. you'll find you will have more options to find space in the final third.

    also try 41212(2) as well. you might concede more but you will definitely score more.
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