Couple questions for u guys

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1. How do u set gk to auto save penalties? On it, I miss every pen no matter who I use or where I put it, so any help would be obliged.
2. My forwards never make runs? How do I instruct them, I use get in behind and stay central but they stand there like lemons using 442 firm


  • CrashDavus
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    Do you use the L1 and pass for give and go? That's the only way I know to make them go on runs. Sometimes the AI isn't all that intuitive when you are attacking.

    Not sure about the GK to auto save.
  • RadioShaq
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    Custom tactics or go more attacking on the dpad also 1-2 passing and lb to make them run.
  • grogans_heroes
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    1. Didn't know there was an autosave
    2. L1 and pass is the manual controls but I think a high attack workrate player will run more than a Med or Low without L1
  • WHU18
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    Thanks all
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