Spanish Cup/Spanish squad in general

I'm enjoying these tournaments, giving me chance to use a lot of players I've never used before.

Think this ones been the most fun for me so far. Before, I'd traded with Iniesta this year but for some reason never used him (NIF) and he is absolutely immense. Along with 86 Isco and Mata in 4-2-3-1 it's been a lot of fun. I'm gonna sell up this weekend while they're in demand, but will definitely be making a Spanish squad to play with going forward.

Only issue for me is ST. I snagged a Diego Costa, I'd heard good things but for me he's been shocking, I laugh when people say they think their players bugged but it feels that way, awful touch, turns like a tank and can finish.

I tried using Torres, who was a significant improvement, but do any of the many Spanish CAM's cut it as a ST? And if so who?


  • CFCsjmishra
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    Rodrigo is good
  • Gigaa_Byte
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    Rodrigo is amazing.
  • AFWard
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    Negredo is my highest scorer but then I packed himin week 1 and have used him ever since. Pair him with Rodrigo and they work together brilliantly.
    I've now got Costa and Negredo in my fitness team and was also dissapointed with Costa this year. Last year he was a beast but is pretty average this year.
  • I put Callejon up front together with Costa in a 442, they complemented each other well imo.
  • Rodrigo, come to think of it I have seen quite a bit of talk about him on here.

    I'll give him a try, cheers
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