Thank God i won it!

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I just won Division 1 in my first try and i created a new discussion so other people can get some inspiration on my squad and my players ;). The squad is kinda boring and not that creatively but it plays very good and i can recommend it to you guys! I had 14 points and i was glad that i held the division 1 and 4 games were left... So i didn't think i would win it but it happened. The last match was intense against a guy who had 2 Legends but i could win it 3:1 at the end and now im just happy that i won it because it was my main target to win division 1. Now i will just enjoy the game and do the Silver Cup, Bronze Cup and all other stuff. :) Division 1 is just stressful and too much rage :D

So this is my squad:

And here is my proof for winning it :D

Here is my Division 1 record if anybody is interested in (don't think so...)


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