Come EA lets have some honest explainations

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Isn't it time EA came out with some honest explainations for some of the gameplay issues some of us have been suffering from.
Let us know what is causing this unresponsiveness. Is it down to our internet connections? If so how about you give us the minimum specs needed to avoid this unresponsiveness that one side gets. What internet speed do i need, what ping etc. At the bare minimum you should be explaining how connection between 2 players can be effected and what we can do to minimise it.

If its not connection related and its down to game mechanics like momentum or a system that allows every one to win once in a while (regardless of ability) then tell us so we can understand how the game works. At least that would stop many of us wasting time trying to fix these issues when it is just part of the game.

A bit of honesty would be nice


  • Cassityyyy
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    Don't be fooled it's not your connection. I upgraded to the wuikest fibre optic package available and it's no improvement.
    It's a complete joke all the millions they are making they don't give a ❤️❤️❤️❤️. The annoying thing about it also is that can clearly tell when either you or your opponent has the lag. If they have it you seem to be able to ping the ball around quickly and shuffle at the right times
    VISA Versa if you have the lag .
  • Kvothe
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    Why not actually write to them rather then posting on a forum, where they won't see your comments?
  • Rufio
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    I agree, in part that's why i don't mind any time of threads bringing up issues, even if there is thew odd whinge or rant. I just want it all out there consistently so its taken seriously, noticed of and has to be addressed!
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