Packs as tournament reward

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What do you guys think?
Will EA finally set packs (hopefully the 50k) as a reward for winning tournaments?
Last year i played mostly tournaments, it was really fun knowing you can get a good pack and coins and gave the transfermaket also a boost because people wanted the players you needed for that particular tournament.
Now with no pack rewards nobody will pay more for players to play in that tournament.
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  • DtGodmage22
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    Yeah we need a casual game mode honestly seasons is such a drain mentality
  • fetchitfudge
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    I liked the tournaments with packs. I used to play tournaments to see if I could win something. They should definitely bring those back. I used to try and collect untradeable players. Coins for a tournament is rubbish really. Much preferred a pack of some sort! Bring back pack prizes FUT!!
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