Pro clubs is broken right?

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Me and my mates have been running a pro club team we are currently on a losing streak and not enjoying the game anymore because the game feels broken.

The AI keep passing the ball back instead of forward no matter what settings i put them on.

Defenders wont press or tackle , they just stay back watching opposition dribble past them.

Goalkeepers save EVERYTHING , point blank headers and shots are saved now by dramatic over the top reaction saves.

Please believe me when i say we are anything but bad at the game.
We play football properly and we are not kids (all in our mid 20s) that were doing very well on the game. We got to Division 2 and was doing well , then they patch hit and its all gone down hill.

Infact we were loving the game until the last patch. Now the game just feels broken in pro clubs mode.

Anyone else notice these problems in pro clubs?

Any tips due to the changes in the recent patch would be great. Its currently unplayable and we have put alot of work into our team.

Thanks for any info


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    You will see this more often in lower divisions, especially division 2 and 1. As a captain of the team, I feel what you are referring to. The game will benefit on side or the other whether is yours or theirs. It's a dice. If we are down on a bad CPU match, I have learned that putting the highest mentality (attacking), the GK instead of kicking a hail mary, he will just hand it over the CB!!!! :'(

    Believe or not, changing the formation in which you are currently are may help a little, don't apply the second man pressure, since it won't respond. Use the d-pad such as offside, counter, long ball along with the mentality depending of the situation. Also, when this scenario occurs, tell your friends to not spam the pass button. You control the AI. If you are on a losing streak, stop playing the mode.

    Lastly, I am sure you have won games this way, because it's hard to notice when dice rolls on your favor, so if you are decent at the game you will take advantage and win games. But if you opponent Club is decent to great, you will get destroyed. We overcame the scenario yesterday.

    Pray!!! Pray to EA (God) that your match goes well! :D
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    Here's the link for the issue you are encountering in pro clubs.
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