Why is this the laggiest game on the internet ?

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Why? This is only a 2 player game. I don't get lag in ANY OTHER GAME i play. Why is it that EA servers have sucked since the dawn of time ? it's 2016 and we're still lagging in a 2 player game? I can play Rainbow Six Siege with no lag at all and there are 10 people in the room. I can play Eve online with no lag and there are 50,000 people in the same galaxy? What is it about FIFA that makes it so complicated that you can't get a game without lag? I'm sure some of it is cheating it's too convenient. I read through the forums and all you see are people complaining of the same type of lag over and over along with the trolls that come out saying " it doesn't exist" pshhh gimmie a break do you guys hire these idiots to keep appearances up ? This is literally the worse online game there is when it comes to lag. If there was a top 10 list somewhere you guys would be number one. Fix your stupid game.


  • Rumplefish
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    FIFA is P2P so it depends on your or your opponent connection. Not sure how it is in the other games you play.

    Another problem with FIFA is that even the smallest kind of lag can affect you, making your players feel sluggish or pressing buttons don't have immediate affect. It's just more noticeable in FIFA than in other games.
  • Yes I've been asking myself why there is so much lag going on in this game. I can take a few lags now and then without complaining but I feel it happens too often in this years edition! I play a few other games and have not occured this type of lag before so I dont think its my internet connection either.

    I really want to know how ea have set up their server prior to other companies running big online games. Anyway I've concluded with Fifa 2015 to be much better than Fifa 2016 while I wont go back to play 15 tho. I need to try to stay up to date with the games and the divisons in online seasons and can only hope for 2017 to be better than 2015 version. Only then have they moved forward. 2016 was a backward step..
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    Rumplefish wrote: »
    . It's just more noticeable in FIFA than in other games.

    This is the only part that matters. I really don't care why FIFAs' online gameplay sucks worse than any other game online. I just want it to stop. If people are purposely lagging the game then EA should ban them from the game. If their internet sucks they should still get banned until they get better internet. We shouldn't get punished because their internet sucks. I have 100mb down and 20 up. I pay for it so that I won't have lag when i play games or when I do other stuff online. So why should i get punished because Joe Smith wants to play fifa on a 56k modem ? bottom line is they should fix the stupid game. Unless they don't mind being the shitiest online gaming experience there is.
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    I contacted them multiple times about their online and nothing matters. They end up saying thr same thing about resetting routers and ports and blah blah blah. I play halo, nba, cod, destiny and only have the occasional laggy game. I get on fifa and ill have a laggy game 1 out of every 3 or 4 games. I love going for a shot and end up tapping the ball to the keeper.
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