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Captcha issue

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After spending an hour or two sniping this morning, I'm completely locked out of FUT. If I actually able to get in, the market acts like there are no players on the market at all before kicking me out. If I'm prompted for the captcha, it doesn't matter what I put in, it says incorrect response.

I tried contacting support and even uninstalled the game and reinstalled it per their instructions but it hasn't made a difference. This is the second time since Saturday this has happened. Any ideas? Would hate to get action limited like this during TOTS.


  • mrwf-
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    Console ?
    Xbox One.
  • Eisenhardt
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    Did you get this sorted out?
  • Presto
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    Has happened to me a few times. Will cool down after a day or so...
  • Devil maker
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    Been getting this issue for over a month. Finally got past chat support and spoke with Adam W a so called specialist who told me I had to leave using the transfer market for a week and let it settle down. Left it a week and it seems ok but I have not spammed the market to test as I don't want to be waiting another month. not happy that I have missed out on 2 team of the weeks and looks like I won't be able to spam for tots players.
  • mrwf-
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    I called back and spoke with someone much better. Troubleshooting was non-effective, but the short term solution was to just not get on for about 6-8 hours. After that, I've slowed my roll. I don't mass spam search as quickly. I'll basically search, pause, search, pause. I'm still sniping the players I want and it's not taking noticeably longer plus I haven't gotten the captcha thing once since.

    Worth noting (and this could also be the fix), per a post about a different game on Microsoft's forums, I opened up all the settings on my Netgear router that might've been mistaking the redundant small packets for DDOS. That could just as easily have been the issue.
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