are all the keepers equally rubbish?

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genuine question as i spent ages saving coins to get courtois. am in division 3 so not brilliant but not awful either. played 4 games, won 2 and lost 2. but have conceded 11 in the 2 i lost. literally every shot they had went in. now courtois is supposed to be the best keeper in the league but just seemed rubbish for me. so i swapped for de gea and he's let in a load of goals as well. some games it seems every shot they have will go in. it's so bloody annoying


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    All keepers are equally rubbish. I've got Chech, who can make some great saves, but when I play against opponents who abuse the L2 shooting, balls just fly into the top corner from all angles. Just a really poor aspect of FIFA 16. Only thing you can do is to press the oplossing attackers and not let them shoot, or score more yourself.
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    Fifa is a game generally played with 6 minute halves, designed to entertain you. Goals entertain people, people watch highlights cause they want to see goals. MOTD the show, is ordered basically on how many goals happened in the match, and more goals in the game mean longer time spent on the match coverage.

    Basically, 12 minute video game meant to entertain you needs heaps of goals. Its not 90 minutes, so it needs to create way more opportunities, and have them converted at a good rate, if it was anything realistic, you wouldn't have players like messi scoring literally almost every finesse shot in the box.

    In real life, a 20-25% conversion rate is about as good as it gets given how little time and space and how you are either off balance, or somehow taking an imperfect shot.

    Basically, when you concede, yes its cause the shot beat you, but it needed to. Otherwise we'd have too few goals. So stop the supply as much as you can - your goalie shouldn't save you much more than other goalies, because in real life there's a massive difference in quality between one goalie and another, but 90% of the time they'll generally end up both saving, or both conceding from the same shots. Finally, goalies don't require skill - they are controlled by the AI largely. The game wants to reward the better player, not the worse player who happens to have a good goalie. So goalies aren't very important purchases, as the level of the AI goalkeeper shouldn't determine too many matches as that isn't fun.
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    thanks for that mate. informative
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