FUT Draft question

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Hi all, played FUT draft several times now (off-line and semi-pro level) and it seems that the reward is less the more you win... Is this correct? Now I only 2 gold packs for a win (gold player pack and a premium gold pack). Do I need to try a higher level for more/better packs?


  • fauxylar
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    No. I think people found that draft offline gives similar packs regardless what difficulty. Also, I recommend playing online instead much better rewards :)
  • Er!k
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    Thanks. What would you get for 1 win?
  • PVFCB97xD
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    Er!k wrote: »
    Thanks. What would you get for 1 win?

    do you mean 4wins in a row or only 1 win?
    however 1 win would give sth like Silver player pack and a Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
    4 wins give sth between packs worth 50k and 100k
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