FHR (futhead randomizer) silver matches

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anyone up for futhead randomizer silver matches on PS4?

we find 3 random players that we build a 100 chem team around.

it works like this:

first you need to download and install gyazo gif.
then go to futhead.com and follow these 3 steps:

1. 7RtF81c.jpg

2. Y7cTvOe.jpg

3. Rh7NP5F.jpg

now you need to use gyafo gif and get your 3 random players. after you have clicked on "Silver Player" in step 3 you get a player (its not the one youre gonna use, we use the next player). now you need to 'frame'/'capture' that player with gyazo gif and click on "Silver Player" at the bottom fast before the timer goes out and you get your player. do this 3 times and you have your 3 players. its simple but dunno how to explain it the best, lol.

here is an example:


we got Dani Gimenez (now we keep going from this player)


we got Bellomo


we got Samuel

now we build a squad with these 3 players:


let me know if this need further/better explaining.

ok! so anyone up for it?

PS: this is @apfelmus_maCHer1s idea so blame him.

PPS: its not a tournament.

oh and i suggest we play each other in best of 3 matches. just so we/you dont just play 1 match with your team and then sell it. would feel like a waste.


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