A way to earn fifa points for free

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Yes the word earn is key here
you can download an app called feature points. Then all you have to do is download an app off of the feature points app and play it for ~2 minutes and you get some credits. Once you have enough credits you can get free gift cards in return. Now it takes a bit of time to save up, but if you link it to friends accounts then you get credits whenever a friend downloads an app and this makes it a lot easier to get the necessary credits to get a free gift card (itunes, xbox, amazon etc) which can be used for FIFA points if you wish
now please can you guys help me by downloading the app (if you do) using this link
or download off the app store and use the referral code YZFK9A, this gets both you and me some free points
cheers lads
note to mods: I am only posting this as I want more free stuff, not because I am affiliated to this company in anyway
and more importantly, I am encouraging people to buy FIFA points so this does have a place here


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