How to force a bicycle kick?

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So close to 100% outfield accomplishments, just this and 10 goals from 3 yards to go. Had the trait on the entire time and in 600 odd games I've attempted a grand total of 2.

Is there a way to "force" it to bicycle kick/ easily get the accomplishment, at times when it would clearly be a good option my pro will header it or spin on the spot and do a normal volley.


  • Orikoru
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    I think it helps if the ball is coming directly towards goal and you have your back to goal (i.e. not a cross from the wing). Get a mate to try and tee you up maybe? Obviously hold L2 when you shoot, but I'm guessing you know that.
  • Andyomazing
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    I seem to score them like a fancy finish, LT+RB and B just keep your back to goal and even works on crosses, just sprint to the goal line and walk back out as the cross is being played
  • ShawnlyN14
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    Tell Your Teammate To Hold LT then X when his about to cross the ball to you. Then while its crossing to you. Hold LT and step back little bit then Press or hold B and aim.
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