Is the Attacking AI really horrible?

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We all know the defensive AI is thrash but...

Like 90% of my patient build up attacks, I pass the ball around and even
Shield the ball in the last Third, and I'm screaming at the screen ''Cmon! Make some
smart runs People!'' as they just stand still and stay covered behind all the defenders...
And if I'm pressured, my teammates aren't too keen on trying to come closer or line up in a smart way on the pitch between players for support.

It is something I can really feel after playing PES 2013, which even marketed their attacking AI
as a standout feature. And the attacking AI in that game made the game what EA wants their game to be according to the slogan this year ''Play beautiful''.

Someone also made a video on youtube about players not making runs along the pitch, only straight towards the opponents goal, which is also very important for that tiki taka football
many people love.

Can we please get impressive AI for Fifa 17, EA? Both defensively and in attack?


  • I thought I was the only one who was frustrated by the AI attacking runs. The only time I get proper runs is if I set mentality to ultra attacking or all out attack at the cost of leaving my defense line very vulnerable to counter attacks.they need to balance out attacking build up. At the moment It only suits one style of play and that is attacking on the flanks. Try to play patient build up play and you get screwed by the stupid and unrealistic runs of the AI.
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