Gameplay Delay

I dont know if its just me but i have a terrible delay in gameplay. A couple of others have it but the majority seem not to. I have it in FUT, pro clubs, h2h seasons and career mode (basically, every game mode). I have reset router, changed ethernet cables, tried wireless, uninstalled/re-installed game, deleted all saves off the game. Nothing works. I even get the delay when im not connected to the servers or xbl. Its as if the most recent patch has vanished. The game is near unplayable.

Please reply if you have this problem too or know somebody who has it. Im affraid that, even after the next update/maintainance i will still have it due to the fact only a few people have it and EA wont bat an eylid at it.


  • I have the same problem.

    Most serious situation is, when you play a offline match with com vs com (controller at the middle), Both com team will suffer from the delay also!!

  • guitarhero
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    It's EA servers. Some have terrible ping counts so playing online is virtually impossible. Your players will act as if on skates, slow, sluggish, ...
  • Yes to both of you. Its unplayable. It makes me sick with rage that 80% of my opponents dont get this problem
  • It's your TV. See about "input lag".
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