setting custom tactics

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having trouble setting custom tactics,do the usual team management-tactics -play but when game starts i find im playing default tactics.anyone know of a glitch or if something has changed?


  • Alergi
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    its not a glitch mate, before you start a game. Enter the TOTW challenge, dont play a game or anything, go into Team management and set your custom tactics. once your done exit out of the challenge and go play a season game (or what ever mode you like in fut) and it should be saved.
    Just a note, that 'Default' will be your custom tactic setting ingame. Each time you exit the FUT hub or Fut in general you have to re-do the tactics.

    hope this helps.
  • smeggybowler
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    thanks for the reply but thats exactly what ive been doing but the last week or so it just wont set.
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