What's the market like?

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Is it genuinely similar to the FUT 12 market in terms of having reasonable prices for everyone, with pretty much nobody being over 100k? :o


  • Arkadiusz Milik
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    price ranges
  • Orison
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    no, Suarez, Ronaldo and Messi still have idiotic prices
  • fiskzu
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    I am thinking that way: coinsellers aren't inflating prices as much this year because they know if they will do it EA will narrow price ranges and they won't be able to sell their coins quick :joy: Like there is a s...t ton of coins on our platform (because of trainers) and prices are really low :)
  • Manav
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    When will the price drop? Like no crash b4 crash this time !
  • leon1309
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    Current state of market (prices as they are) is kind of an enigma in itself...
  • Chubz
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    Wouldn't surprise me if prices are not much lower or stay about the same.
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