Help with team decision

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Want to buy either of these teams during crash and really torn which one I should buy. Not used many of the players in each so any help or advice appreciated. Any improvement you can suggest also with about 300k left over give or take




  • ALlanmce
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    Anyone :p
  • l SHODA l
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    I would personally get that SIF benzema if you are going to use that team. He will definitely rise and is a steal at this current price.
  • A Very Pretty Man
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    First team by a mile, don't really like 3 atb this year
  • ALlanmce
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    Cool thanks guys, was considering upgrading either Ozil, Bale or Benzema to IF depending how much they all drop in price.

    Is Ibra any good this year as thinking some mix with him and Larsson for another team
  • ALlanmce
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    Anyone else :)
  • Yung
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    How much is the first bro? Also do you work at futwiz
  • TonySoprano
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    A at a push but I wouldnt use either tbh mate
  • ALlanmce
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    @TonySoprano Why do you say that?

    @YungShadow About 600k but already have some of the players, main one being Larsson as bit the bullet last night at 240k. Don't work for them, just used the futwiz squad maker and then switched to web app view

  • Finesse_4days
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    If Ramsey will be poor as a lone Cdm , you need someone like Matic or Busquets there who does a great defensive job. Also Bale will be better at rw or rf as he won't do as much in attack at rm Use bale in a different formation or use turan RM with alves rb busquets Cdm and pique cb with Sif Benzema upfront in a full liga bbva with Larsson.
  • Keano
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    A, upgrade to IF/SIF Benz or Ozil depending on the prices or who you prefer, Take IF Ramsey out, but don't use Matic, seems awful this year, Schneiderlin does a decent job.

    Hopefully the wide players don't leave you too short in the middle though, but the second option I wouldn't trust 3atb.
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