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Hi EA. I'm hoping to see better tracking of stats in all modes in future versions of Fifa. I would like to see more depth but mainly better tracking of match day stats. It doesn't seem consistent how post/crossbar shots that go in goal OR not are marked. Sometimes they count as on target and sometimes not. Same seems to be true with blocked shots. Thank you.



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    An example above is Correa had two goals but post match facts showed he was 1/1 on target. First goal was a chip in from cross and second was a finesse shot around goalie. I think the goalie would normally block the type of shot taken because they all jump on break aways quick as cats but because Correa is so beast at finishing it was a goal.

    A goal from another player went in off the post. I also had at least one shot blocked, a no goal off the post, plus an offsides no goal blocked into the net by the keeper. So of the 3/3 above which shots are missing? Does the game calculate if a blocked shot would have gone in if not for the defender? What of the goalie and what of the post mechanics lol?

    Some of the stats above like offsides and such are determined by the rules of football and not EA but I feel stats are being dropped and not tracked and this was only a four minute half.
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