Every Sports Game Is Dumbed Down

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I've tried every game this year from PES to Madden to NHL to Fifa to 2K. Every single one of these games is so dumbed down that the competitive nature of 1vs1 has been stripped away. Instead of taking every ounce of skill to win the developers have decided that the AI will win or lose you games. You're now at the mercy of rehashed animations that only have one specific outcome. I don't understand why every company has decided to go this route and take away the level of control you have of your team and individual players. It's been said before but the game now plays you not the other way around.


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    Congrats on your realization, games have been like this for quite some time! :D
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    hayhor1 wrote: »
    Congrats on your realization, games have been like this for quite some time! :D

    Yeah, once 2K got rid of Hall of Fame ranked lobbies I knew the learning curve was going to get shallow for a majority of sports games.
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    Apparently no one cares?
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    Sorry for resurrecting this thread from the dead, but I felt the need to respond. The OP is 100% correct. I remember back on PS2 and even early ps3 FIFA games, the game felt like a real sim in which 98% of the time, the most skillfull player won the match.. Later PS3 and current PS4 Fifa games are so stressful to play. Half the time, it feels as if you are fighting your own AI controlled teammates. I don't know how many times I've yelled, SWIIIIITTTTTCCCCHHHHH!!! RUUUUNNNNN!! NOOOO PASS IT TO THE GUY NOT COVERED!!! SHOOOOOOT!!!

    Omg, it felt as if I was going to have a heart attack after every match I played...I would still average almost a 2 win to 1 ratio, but those games were frustrating.

    I really don't understand EA's logic behind this sneaky approach. The goal of person playing a game is to practice, take our lumps, learn from our mistakes, and improve our skills,,, right?

    Which brings me to FIFA 16. That game was the worst fifa game I've played in 10 years. I stopped playing soon after release. It was just bad. I won't even go into detail...

    Fifa 17 is much much better compared to 16, though. I really like how EA tried to make it more of a sim, but not quite as it was 5-8 years ago.. Some of these same scripted, high momentum, low momentum aspects of the game are still there..

    I played 2 games online so far, both were FUT draft games. I won the 1st game 1-0. But I have to honestly say that my opponent played better. He deserved the win. I forget his name, but my man passed exceptionally well, built up his play properly, made all the right passes, and took the correct shots. Valdés looked like God out there saving 12 exceptional shots. Lol... I had 4 shots on goal, and scored off a deflection, lol..

    My second game, however, I destroyed my opponent and lost 1-0... My opponent scored on the opening kickoff. No matter what I did, his 4 passes, zig zag dribbling, and shot couldn't be defended against, even though I was in the right position.... Then, all the shots I took from point blank range either went just wide of the net, or his goalie made spectacular saves... This is a game I should have won, but lost..

    The summary of all this is, I believe EA wants everyone to have a close to even chance of winning games, or at least be competitive regardless of the players skill level. So they make the AI dumb at times, unresponsive, and sluggish, while increasing your opponents handicap level by turning their players into 99 rated legends for a short time...

    I think this is not a smart move. I feel that if I hit L1, it should switch, When I move the joystick, the player I'm controlling should obey my commands at all times. It just isn't like this for at least 35-40% of the matches.

    I don't plsy online seasons, but when I dud plsy head to head over Ultimate team, all of this seemed to disappear, and the game played more like an actual sim... I really wish FUT played the same as regular head to head. I would not scream and flip out as much..

    My first opponent played very well, and did not cheese. I literally was impressed and honestly, I did not flip out as much at the game not responding, I flipped oit at myself for not defending properly lol.. But I wonder how he felt after missing 12 shots that at least 3 should have went in....

    I guess this is how it's going to be now. The person who wins will be the one who takes advantage of the 50% of the time where the match feels like a real sim when u have the ball...

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    17 is better though or at least a step in the right direction. 16 on the other hand was the largest pile of trash I've ever played. It's almost like they said screw it, we are using a new engine soon anyway.
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    There's still a learning curve in PES,
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