how do they do it?

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ive played 4 games today all against high pressure spammers.3 of those didnt make any subs yet the payers run round like lunatics for 90 minutes and out run all my players including my subs.thought the new patch was supposed to stop this.
what are they doing?


  • FRAZtheRAM
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    I'm finding it happens less since the patch but some people are definitely still good at being HPD's (High-Press-****) I'm not sure how they're achieving it but it sure works for some of them...I lost a game yesterday to one- 63% pass accuracy the fool had...haha...Don't let it get you down if the game's lost just practice holding the ball up to help you in the future against these ****!!
  • Rmn7
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    Theire bad players take adjantage of one glitch. Play your game, try not loose your mind ( easy to talk, of course).
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