In game reset on my strategy

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I always choose to build my own team strategy
but a while later in game, it will automatically go back to the default strategy

it is crazy that the game reset my strategy and automatically make my players not to run and push

can anyone help me to prevent this happen?


  • SiuChuN
    46 posts Park Captain
    every time I have to press the start menu and check if it is on my strategy
    sometime yes and sometime not
    how come it happens like this?
  • SiuChuN
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    and if that game is not under my control on the strategy, it will keep out of control even though I chose my own strategy for many times- that is, it will back to the default strategy, I can sure about it on my next game pause and check the strategy board
  • SiuChuN
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    i should term it as team tactic instead of strategy
  • Ovidox
    19 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Haha great to see this loser good banned I'm having a Jamie vardy party over it. He was the biggest whinging loser in fifa he BOUGHT coins you could tell he had a full team of the year + legends but still got his arse handed to him most games. He accused others of being racist when he specifically used these tactics himself first.
    Truth always surfaces in the end you NOOB !
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