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Seems like someone bought 5ish MOTM Zlatans the last week or so and is listing them together. Yesterday they were as high as 620 BIN. Seems to have dropped to mid 500s now. Curious how low!


  • Lol I don't see why someone would do that
  • MikeyP_FC
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    It is a rare and desirable card... Arguably best in game! But I still understand I'm too risk averse to go for something this big.

    Probably got them all 390-410ish, so break even is probably 425 each which is going to happen basically guaranteed. If he gets hits at 550-6, assuming he had 5, he can keep one for free!

    4 * 550 * .95 tax = 2,090 net sales on 4

    Bought 5 at 410 say is 2,050 total. So that is why someone would do it :) all power to him... Just interesting how folks try to make coins.

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  • Ghotti
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    I bought 2-3 Days ago 4x sif lewy for 230-240k sell them All yestarday for 285k today min. Price is 310k ....

    In this year market is rly unpredictable.
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