Stats not updating

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I have noticed over the last few days that whenever I buy a new player the stats under games played for my club is always wrong. Unless I buy a fresh player it is never 0. It's so frustrating because I can't track anything, games played goals or assists they just add on to previous owners amount. Anyone else had this or heard of a fix?


  • FIS
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    yeah every player i buy have the record of the previous owner now i have to buy fresh card or a card with less than 10 games on it , i hope ea fix this and soon or my toty ronaldo will have someone else record :(
  • itzDrizzy
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    yea totally agreed, please fix this ea
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    Do us all a massive favour and just take the previous owners record away when we buy it full stop, I hate it so much that I've never used a none fresh card, I don't care what the previous guy did wth it.
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