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    @l OwNz l

    Following up yesterday's reply, I bought the team: :)


    That's a lovely looking team. I haven't tried Kaka this year yet either so it's tempting (maybe with NIFs instead for me though).

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    Back from Tioman Island so I'll reply to all of you in one long post:


    Shame you didn't like IF Lallana, he was one of my favourite budget IF's this year...then again I'm yet to find a player with a 5* weak foot that I don't like.

    SIF Raffael
    TOTS Teixeira - Hernanes - Douglas Costa
    Felipe Melo - Fernandinho
    Marcelo - David Luiz - Thiago Silva - Danilo

    That team you bought looks pretty good actually, Hernanes works really well as a CCAM and TOTS Teixeira is one of my favourite special cards.


    @BluFF_1234 @Smoothino

    Took a bit of time over this one. You can view my sample BPL team in the OP, but it's not within your 40k budget.



    Instructions: The most important component is setting all 3 CAM's to 'free roam'. I'd also set both CDM's to 'stay back while attacking' and 'cut passing lanes'. Other than that, it's all preference...I'd probably set Kolarov to 'always overlap' (in order to utilise his crossing)...and Azpi to 'stay back while attacking' to balance this.

    In hindsight, I'd probably pick Matic over Mikel as my ball winner, but Mikel was my favourite CDM in 13 and 14, so I figured I'd lob him in there.



    Instructions: Again, the CDM should be set to 'stay back while attacking' and 'cut passing lanes'. I actually find the 4141 more attacking than the 4231, thus I'd probably set both full backs to 'stay back while attacking'. Both CM's have the option to 'free roam', but that's down to preference. As for Dzeko, I'd apply the 'target man' instruction.

    SIF Dzeko replaced TOTS Austin due to his superior passing stats. Ideally in a 4141, the lone striker should have at least 70 short passing since he's often involved in the build up - IF Giroud is also a good BPL option, but he's extinct according to FUTBin, so I didn't pick him. I've tried TIF Silva as a RCM in a 4141 and it worked really well, so if you don't mind the lower chemistry (I didn't notice any difference in performance), then he's a more attacking option. Ramsey is very well rounded, however.



    Wow, quite a few uncommon BPL players there. I quite enjoyed Fernando's IF, as well as Ozil. Couldn't get on with Falcao, as much as I wanted too...I'd imagine Sissoko is pretty good, it's a shame he didn't get a special card of any kind cause his FUT14 RM card was actually surprisingly good. Surprised you picked Caballero, personally I've had a lot of success with De Gea and Lloris, but GK's seem to vary a lot this year from person to person.

    Glad to see you're focusing on controlling the tempo of the match, stick to football, not politics. ;)



    Yeah for the few games I've used the team, it was really fun. I've still got it, actually, but I burnt out on FIFA about a month ago and have barely touched it since, which is a shame. Not sure if you saw, but on the previous page I did a mini-review of the team, which you can find here. I mean I'd certainly give TOTS Kaka a go if you have the terms of value, he's not a bargain by any stretch, but you don't get much more nostalgic than a TOTS Kaka card.
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    Thanks for getting back to me man. I switched my camera to co op and use this team and it works really as you can see the pitch. You can win without "pace"

    Isco iniesta mata
    Alonso herrera
    Az martinez ramos iraola
  • Thanks for the reply Chow
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    someone show a good and cheap squad
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    Great guide, this is the way I have played Fifa since I started years ago.
    Hopefully see you make another one for Fifa 16
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    how about this?

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    With FIFA 16 well under way, I'm going to close the book on this one since it's a very different game. Expect a guide of some sort in the future, whether it's another guide to possession football, or a general passing guide, or even a formation guide. Thanks for all the support.
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