Good or bad idea?

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haven't played the game or been on the forum for a few weeks; got back yesterday on console (PS) and decided to sell all my best players (TOTY Robben, Iniesta, Kroos, Ramos, Silva and Luiz, SIF Neymar, Benzema (x2) and Muller, NIF Ronaldo and Messi, a few other IFs), all ofc sold for the max

ah, and 20 SIF Menez, my great investment at 80k each, for 20-22k each

now sitting on approx. 41 ml and waiting for TOTS to see if that recreates some mild interest in the game

I would usually follow the market/the forums for a few days before doing something so drastic, but the way the game/market has turned this year I really could not bother

what you guys think, right move or a silly one?


  • AFWard
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    you have 41 mil just before TOTS, how could life be bad?
    Unless it was 4.1mil then you're screwed lol
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