So after reading the recent threads...

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Can we all agree that EA needs to buff the defensive AI by 900%?
And that they need to make tackles strong so People don't just run through Your
Vincent Kompany when he makes a Perfect tackle?
And nerf the recently buffed blind through ball spam back to the stone ages where it belongs?

And one thing that People on this forum has been to blind to notice:
The horrible mobility of defenders.
The fact that they can't make direct turns
right away in the direction you wish to run, but rather run in circles (The icehockey effect People
used to talk about before but seem to have forgotten to complain about since they have gotten used to EA not fixing it).

And the momentum Your defensive player gets when moving back and forth sideways in jockey With LOW speed, is way exaggerated.

Also, the AI is and have been outrageously horrible since at least Fifa 10 (that's when I started noticing it when playing Be a Pro) at moving sideways when the opponent is trying to stretch the team or just use the run-horizontal-along-the-16m Box- exploit to outrun the dumb AI and also the player switching.

I also want a Make-Player-Meet-The-Pass-You-Are-About-To-Send button feature, cuz my players are always running away from pass to help my opponent intercept it.


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