Changes to this team

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Can anyone suggest chances to this team? I've used 4312 for 200+ matches with CR7 as a striker but I've heard good things about him on the wing! Never used ibra on any UT but I fancy giving him a shot..

Are there any changes anyone could suggest to improve this at all? Before I buy it, marcelo wouldn't be IF I clicked him by accident.



  • BlitzersNL
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    Hummels instead of Naldo
  • Di maria instead of pastore
  • Mattysb1
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    Not a fan of di maria I perfered pastore in my ligue 1 side as I think many people do
  • Whitebeard
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    Di maria instead of pastore.
    Obviously Robben as RW, but if he is expensive, costa is fine.
    diekmeier RB
    Not a fan or Naldo's workrates, sokratis would be better imo, if you don't mind that, naldo is fine.
  • Mattysb1
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    I could probably afford robben if I sold a few things in my TP I'm a fan of 5* skills that's why I chose costa and robbens WF has put me off since I had him on fifa 15.. Yeah I never thought of hummels or sokratis chose naldo for his link with marcelo but that won't make a difference to his chem looking at it
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