Referee kit clashes

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Has anyone else noticed this recently, the last few games I've been playing the refs kit has been clashing with my opponents kit.


  • Pugzilla
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    It has been happening for me occasionally since the beginning. Apparently the refs wear different kits for the different players too and they still sometimes clash for some reason.
  • I have this occasionally as one of my kits is quite similar to the ref's. I'll think my player is in acres of space in the middle of the park for a quick breakaway and give away possession. :D
  • SGLT
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    It started getting annoying because ur trying to have a quick look to see who to pass to and I kept thinking the ref was my opponents player. Surely it shouldn't be to hard to change it that if I'm in blue and they're in red the ref could be in something other than they 2 colours.
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