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Welcome to the best guide on the forum by your very own legend

Why 41212(2)
if built right you just bully the opponent off the ball and overload the midfield to make it hard for them to do anything


Not many people think this is a important choice but they are idiots
Suggestion throw in a tall guy and you will be fine

Depending on your style you prefer this position is very interchangeable I will go over the two main types you can have

Defensive Rock
Your main stats to look for are Strength, Aggression and Height with these stats your fullbacks will help dominate anyone keeping your team safe from any attacks

I prefer the Defensive Rock and Nyom is my Favourite Full-Back

Attack threat
You main stats to look for are Strength, Height, Ball Control and Long Shots

Centre Backs
The key stats that you are looking for are Strength, Aggression and Height

If you pick my favourite Centre Back *insert dub step and shaky cam* Sebastian Prodl as your other Centre Back you would want someone either with a High Defence workrate or with a bit more pace *min 65*

IMO never pick a CB with a High attack workrate

Centre Defensive Midfield
High Defence workrate is the key for this position
The key stats that you are looking for in this position is Strength, Aggression and min pace of 70

Centre Midfielders
one thing you should have is a CM with Strength, Aggression and Height

whilst the other can be an anything from a pass master to an all round player like Capoue he is jack of all trades master of none and it works out so well

Centre Attacking Midfield
what you need here is Height, Strength, Shot Power and Pace
now the other stats are all down to personal preference I like my Attacking Midfielder to have decent dribbling and ball control but you might prefer someone with high passing stats

Now you have the rest of your team you get a nice choice on how you want your strikers

your key stats needed here are Strength, Pace, Height and Shot Power

Pesky Dibbler
your key stats needed here are Pace, Dribbling and Agility

Target Man
if you really want one have a look at Blitzers amazing thread


Player Instructions
only pansy players use these

Custom Tactics
only MLG wannabes use these

First things first find out if the ref is on your side if he is you have nothing to worry about smash the opposing players about with your strength and finish them.

If the ref hates you it becomes more of a challenge one thing to keep in mind is they can have all the possession they want in their half you don't care and will not rush in like a fat kid in a chocolate factory, use the counter attack tactic as it makes your defenders stay back and not sit around like a Chelsea team under mou

When defending one thing to do is (look at the image)
the ball is the red dot and the opp is there take control of Kouyate or Tiote and get the AI to press with you but play as the supporter to the move that way if they skill you are there to clear up if they get forced one way you are there to clear up if they get a lucky bounce you are there to pick it up

If you are so bad at passing that you aim for say player A and it goes to B try to aim at B to get it at A

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