Catalogue redeem problems

Message reads:

Transaction incomplete. You already have the maximum amount of this item.

Also, can't edit player during career. Although have purchased the item previously. See above.


  • Ciao Giannini,

    Have you resolved the problem matey?

    I play career mode from time to time when I need a break from Ultimate Team.

    Maybe I can help?

    I just noticed that you are new to the forums.

    I guess, if you post this in the career mode section you might get more responses to your query.

    If there's a moderator on the forums here, can you please transfer this comment over there.

    This is what you can do Giannini:

    1.) You can log a fault report if you can't access the item at all.


    2.) If you're just asking why you can't edit a player?

    well there's only so much Fifa can allow you to change on a player.

    Hope this helps a bit matey.

  • Cheers buddy.
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