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Serie B ???

209 posts Sunday League Hero
Someone else using serie B silvers ??

rocking this atm:



  • MarcovdH
    999 posts Professional
    I wonder what division do you use that team in though? Was considering a silver team, but not sure if I'll even be able to beat great teams :P
  • djrexdk
    209 posts Sunday League Hero
    I only use my silver and fun squads in online single matches and tournaments !!!

    My main is for divisions, maybe im a better player or more focused when i use my silver, 7 games 2 day, 5 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss... the loss was in the 90minutes, made an own goal :neutral:

    I was playing against 1 full bronze squad, and then gold squads, with etc. Douglas costa, Zlatan, Ribery And some full bpl pace squads !!

    Lost to a 85 rated BPL squad, and the draw was against a skiller With douglas costa, elton and neymar.

    So yes, this squad performs very well :)

    and only cost me around 10k with subs !!
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