Friendly Seasons Disconnection Question

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Is anyone else having this problem? When my friend and I try to play a friendly season match we often get disconnected before kickoff. Basically, when the other team's squad appears on the screen as the match is loading, one of us (either my friend or I) will see a strange squad of players we don't have (e.g, keepers slotted in midfield and strange things like that), and then we get the message "Connection has been lost with your opponent..." Naturally, we lose contracts.

The latency bar is always full and this problem never happen in online season, but it's been doing this since day 1 with friendly seasons. Also, we never have this problem playing online together in any other mode, and we play plenty of Pro Clubs. It's only in FUT friendly seasons that we get disconnected before every match. The other weird thing is often the problem only happens in one direction (e.g., if I try to invite my friend he'll see the strange squad during loading and we get disconnected; but if he invites me the game loads and we can play just fine).

Just wondering if this is a more widespread problem. Thanks.


  • ukler8
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    Is anyone of you using Google DNS, if so revert back to the preset one.
  • JGCramp
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    HI, thanks for the reply. We just did a quick check and it doesn't seem either of us is using Google DNS.
  • JGCramp
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    Well, I'm glad I paid 160K for 2IF Hulk. 8 straight disconnections in friendly seasons so I haven't even been able to us him. I'm actually at the point where I might just sell the game. I don't have problems connecting with my friend playing any other game. Just friendly seasons. EA just sucks.
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