MRU cheating

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is this rife on fifa?

as its ptp on seasons could there be many with slightly higher grade routers who can control the data input from another connection?

i have a router wiht such capabilites but wont stoop to that level.

can ea say if they measure mtu and mru when they do their connection test?
if a mod can read and pass it on and get a reply


  • RanocchiaInForm
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    Do you mean that other people can disconnect you from the match or what?
  • ZebidyAndIrony
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    streams of data go back and forth.

    mtu is usually set for both download and upload but with an mru option you can alter the size of packets allowed IN.
    if someone with mtu set at 1492 encounters a router with an mru set lower the packet has to be resent broken down in two packets.

    this will cause a delay on your side if your packets have to be broken down.

    i suspect a few are lowering mru levels to cause problems for their opponents.

    i think mtu size gets checked on the connection test as i accidentally set my ps4 and router with a different mtu level once and the connection was still fair enough.....the game slowed for both but with no advantage for either....that suggests the mtu packet size is checked.

    judging by the time the connection test takes i doubt very much whether they test upload and the size of the packets in the upload.

    it would explain why some games there can be a clear advantage for one player in things like turning passing etc

    ea needs to smarten up and close loop holes like this
  • RanocchiaInForm
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    It happens sometimes to me, mostly in coop. It feels strange that i press x for passing and my player feels like passing it seconds later.

    EA should fix this but considering they haven't fixed the connection/matchmaking issues, i doubt they'll do it.
  • urubuinflamante
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    Changing MTU on router isn't the only way someone can impose input delay to the opponent.

    In fact, playing on PC you can change MTU on Windows cmd.
  • urubuinflamante
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    Forcing jabber in a connection should be punished with insta boot and DNF.
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