FIFA 16 Title Update 5

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Hello FIFA Fans,

We know there are millions of you enjoying FIFA 16. We also know there are some things in gameplay that you’d like to see changed, improved, or tuned for the rest of the season.

We are committed to making FIFA 16 a fun experience for all of you, so we have taken all of your feedback and prioritized it in four key areas where you told us you want to see improvements:
  • Penalties and referee decisions
  • Passing
  • Defensive pressure
  • Player positioning

So we’re announcing and deploying a number of changes to make FIFA 16 more balanced and responsive in gameplay. These are on top of tuning to passing in the last update. This latest title update is now available on PC (we will have news on the timing of a similar update on Xbox One and PS4 at a later date):
  • Improvements to the Rules and Physics systems to have better referee decisions and help address penalty decisions.
  • Behavioural changes in ‘Secondary Contain’ and ‘Interceptions’ to help balance high pressure situations.
  • Improvements in how quickly fatigue effects occur for players using ‘Aggressive Interceptions’ and ‘Secondary Contain’. This could in turn have an impact on your ability to apply high pressure as the game progresses and your players become increasingly fatigued.
  • Instances where no auto tackle was launched when defenders were positioned properly.
  • Improvements in the positioning system to allow for better attacking runs and support.

In addition to the above, minor changes have been made to attribute boosts provided by Chemistry in FIFA Ultimate Team, which affects passing, interceptions, and long shots.

Thank you for your insights and comments that are helping us make the game fun for everyone! We’ll continue to provide you with more information and updates as the season rolls on.

Play on!
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