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I've just bought an xbox one and intend to play fifa on it. Is there any problem with using the same email from my origin email for my xbox live account? Would this prove problematic in accessing the web app for both PC and XBOX accounts?


  • murazor
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  • Flooby
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    My bad. :#

    I want to play Halo though and there just happened to be a bundle with Fifa and Halo in. May as well jump ship for less problems. :)
  • vLaDz
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    I don't own an xbox but i'm pretty sure if you use the same e-mail you will have an option on the web app to change between pc and xbox one.


    Look top rite, click that head and you get a option to choose between consoles.
  • Flooby
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    Thanks! I don't have that head so I assume that's because I haven't signed up on xbox yet.
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