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So I have turned the passing accuracy for AI Down to 0 and tried turning it up to 100, and the result is: I end up playing against a steroid Version of Barcelona in the peak years no matter which end of the scale i put the slider on.

It has been like this since at least Fifa 14 WC.

How come NOBODY has brought this up anywhere at the forums?
Do you guys just settle with the thought: ''oh well, it's not good, but it could be worse, right?''.

When it is set to zero, they should be passing it to the thin air, not a player.

Why can't EA test their game before shipping it?

I want to be able to tweak the game to be realistic, since EA can't be bothered to do something an amateur can do in 10 sec... if only all the sliders worked like they should and say they do in the description.

Maybe I'm just expecting too much from Developers these days, being spoilt in the n64 era.


  • i typically move CPU passing error to 65 on first boot up. seems i am wasting my time. good post , i never experimented other than accel/speed/passing speed which have more pronounced effects. I doubt man marking slider does much either
  • RobPiz
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    The marking slider I find does actually make a big difference, as does first touch error.

    I drop the AI sprinting and acceleration to 48 or so, just lower than my own players.
    I put their first touch error up to 65 so they dont just knock the ball around all day, they eventually take a bad touch.
    The man marking I drop to 45 or so, it lets your strikers actually have some space.

    Fifa16 is still AIDS though these settings worked nicely in Fifa14/15
  • Teepo
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    Sure I could cheat and make the ai slower or make them worse at first touch as a work around,
    but that doesn't do it for me.

    It's like playing a fps where the AI has can instakill you from the first second you are in their line of sight, and using a /kill all AI command in console to compensate to make it ''fair''.
    It's not fun, and doesn't feel right.

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